St. Mary Armenian Church Ladies Society
Costa Mesa, CA

Each chapter of the Ladies Society is under the authority of the Pastor and Parish Council which is within the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America as recognized by the Catholicos of All Armenians in Holy Etchmiadzin.

The Ladies Society is to study, practice and propagate the teachings of the Holy Scripture, doctrines and rites of the Armenian Church, including the history, traditions and customs of the Armenian Church and its people. We are to cultivate Christian virtues of mutual love and cooperation toward one another and toward other organizations within the Parish. We must have appreciation of the Armenian cultural heritage and live up to its values. We help the growth of the Sunday School and Armenian language school for the progress of the Armenian Church.

The Ladies Society has a responsibility for the beautification of the church and so cooperating with the Pastor and Parish Council so all parish undertakings may be fruitful. Also we organize religious, cultural and social affairs. Most important, to use all means to create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere within the parish and where one and all will work for the Glory of God.

The Ladies Society plans, prepares, arranges, and/or cooks for the following:

1. Armenian Christmas banquet and program – Jan. 6
2. The Hye Style Afternoon Tea in February
3. Mitchink dinner and program
4. Maundy Thursday Lenten Dinner
5. Palm Sunday and Easter Bake Sale
6. April 24th Armenian Genocide Commemoration Walkathon
7. Mothers’ Day Luncheon/Fashion Show/Silent Auction
8. Monthly luncheon meetings or dinners
9. Help prepare Madagh and make annual contribution to church
10. Bake chorag for camp
11. Church Rummage Sale
12. Donate to Ararat Home
13. Donate to Diocesan Debutante Ball
14. Donate to St. Gregory Hovsepian School in Pasadena
15. Sponsor 4 orphans in Armenia through Etchmiadzin Children’s Fund
16. Thanksgiving family dinner
17. Church Food Festival
18. Christmas Lunch Buffet and Bake Sale
19. Provide Sunday fellowships
20. Provide Memorial Dinners (Hokejosh)
21. Continually send correspondence to parishioners for sympathy, congratulations, thanks and get well and happy events.
22. Continually clean and organize Ladies Society storerooms and kitchen
23. Ladies Committee prepares Mas (church bread)
24. October Cultural month – this year we are host church for Pilgrimage of sister churches.
25. Attend local church Saints Day and Central Council forums and pilgrimages.

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