• When entering church, say a prayer and light a candle
• Before sitting; bow your head, say a prayer, and cross yourself
• Sit still and quiet
• Walk slowly (never run)
• No chewing gum
• No crossing legs
• No crossing arms
• No looking around for friends
• No talking
• No stretching
• Dress RESPECTFULLY (ladies; no bare shoulders, or bare midriffs- men; no shorts or pants that drag on the floor
• When the priest turns toward you and says, “Khaghaghootiun amenetzoon” (Peace unto all), make the sign of the cross
• When the censer swings toward you, bow your head and say, “Hisheshjir yev uzmez arachi anmah karrinun” Asdoodzo”(Remember us also before the immortal lamb of God)
• During Havadamk (Nicene Creed), place your hands together in the praying position
• Girls and women must wear head covering for Communion
• When crossing in front of the altar, always make the sign of the cross
• Sit and stand as indicated in the Divine Liturgy Book (or follow others in church)
• At the end of the church service, kiss the Bible and cross yourself
• When leaving church, receive “mas” by placing your hand out (palm facing downward) and wait for a Parish Council member to place the “mas” on your hand

Most importantly, please act and dress in a dignified manner. In this way you are honoring and showing respect while in the house of the Lord.

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