Sunday School Soup Kitchen 2018

Souper Bowl Soup Kitchen Fundraiser

This year, as we do every year, on Super Bowl Sunday, our Sunday School holds a Souper Bowl Soup Kitchen Fundraiser. This fundraiser is just one of those “good works” lessons we teach our students about. We do it every year, (for more than 15 years now), because it is needed to help support the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), Soup Kitchen Project in Armenia. There are four soup kitchens we are helping, they are in Yerevan, Byureghavan, Nor Hajn and Berd.
With the help and support of the entire St. Mary parish we send the needed funds to make a difference in the lives of our brothers & sisters in Armenia. Each year the goal is to raise $1400., because that is the amount needed to support 200 plus patrons in all the Soup Kitchens in FAR’s program for 2 days. We found out that children, along with tatiks & babiks, are befitting from this program.
Here’s what we did this year…Our parent volunteers make the soups, salads, desserts, etc. so all the money raised can be sent to FAR. To add to the final tally, the Sunday School also sold Pot Holders, (made in Armenia), and the students sold fresh lemons they picked from the trees in the Alyankian family’s backyard. It was truly a team effort, and because of this team effort of parents, students and parishioners, this year we sent a check to FAR, for $2800! Many thanks to all who participated, this is more money than we have ever been able to raise in the past!


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